Nov. 6th, 2012

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November is here. Not a good month generally and I can't say I feel especially contented at present.
The weather is grey and either cold or wet. All life seems to consist of at the moment is work and more work and while I am managing to lay aside more than a grand a month for my future (more than I have ever earned in my adult life) I hate the fact I seem to have become obsessed with money. The shallowness of many Russians, which amused me last year, as well as the surliness and racism, is grating on me something chronic.
I also miss my family and I am deeply worried about my mother.
one nice thing is that I have adopted a cat but we are not supposed to keep animals and I am worried about the landlord coming round randomly. I fret about the logistics of taking him back to the UK (not to mention the cost!) and today I gave him a flea shampoo and I couldn't stop him taking a lick so now I am concerned in case he gets ill from that... I also want to go home over Xmas and I haven't found a cat sitter yet.
I was in Kaliningrad over the weekend. It was lovely, less chaotic, good food, the people were pleasant and didn't shout and I saw trees and the sea. My lungs cried descending into the metro again. I am fantasising about Milazzo.
I don't know. I suppose it's the time of year. And perhaps the time in my life, when I am thinking more about the material side of things anyway. I know I don't want to be teaching in 3 years so if I can work my arse off now then I can get out all the sooner.
At least it should be sunny if cold later in the week.


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