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Birthdate:Aug 7
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I'm me, I'm not particularly shallow or profound - I have days of both. This is not a soul searching journal, merely a record of days and a means to learn about the world.

I do find life a constant source of entertainment and this is probably what I write about most. Eventually I want to be an academic and spend my life wading through dusty tomes. However this plan is currently on hiatus for various reasons so I have decided to see the world first. Consequently in 2007 I took a TESOL and spent time 'teaching' English in Romania. I tried it in Japan but realised I was a) no good and b) didn't much like it so I Went to Australia and had a ball for a year. After that the UK, Italy and now Russia. I would like to be stationary but so far nothing has lured me to make my home anywhere.

My philosophies on life are 'there's no such thing as normal' and 'nothing makes any sense', the latter is paradoxical I know, but nothing makes any sense! I find these beliefs explain most things (seriously!). Everything is interesting.
I am also a slob. I invariably prefer character to asthetics and apperences really don't bother me that much.
I'm a fat, hairy feminist, an anarchist, not sure about religion. I believe it is the duty of every human being to cultivate autonomy but in that lies the duty to respect that of others.

My journal is just as it says - ramblings, I prefer to keep my private feelings private.
I am an opinionated person but chances are I will be too lazy/busy to write any of my deep and meaningful thoughts on anything down. I am also not very serious so often I just won't have anything to say on something which fires the rest of the world. I'm pretty open minded and I loathe debating. I know I'm right and it's too much effort to convert.

I am considering becoming an LJ refugee hence here. Let's see.

Interests (139):

19th century literature, 22 pistepirkko, africa, african novels, alan paton, anarchy, angela carter, animals, anime, anne bronte, anthropology, anti-capitalism, arthouse film, arvo part, asia, balkans, baltic states, banana cult, bauhaus, beer, beethoven, biographies, blake, bollywood, books, branwell bronte, bubble wrap, cats, charlotte bronte, childrens' television, chocolate, ciaran carson, cider, classical music, d w griffith, dangermouse, day-dreaming, death, depeche mode, diseases, dodie smith, dogs, doing nothing, e m forster, early music, east anglia, eighties music, einsturzende neubauten, emily bronte, england, english literature, ethnicity, etymology, europe, everything, fairy tales, films, finland, flowers, fog, folklore, folksong, food, french, ghana, god, gorecki, gregorian chant, hinduism, history, human rights, identity politics, india, indigenous peoples, ireland, isak dinesen, jewellery, languages, lego, leningrad cowboys, life, literature, love, luis bunuel, lying in bed, malaria, michael faber, middle east, moonlight, myths, nationalism, nature, nick cave, oceana, oliver postgate, oscar wilde, pakistan, peter watkins, philosophy, politics, powell and pressberger, rachmaninov, religion, romania, roses, russia, ruthless pragmatism, scandanavia, science, sidney keyes, silence, sky, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, social history, solitude, springtime, storms, studio ghibli, suffolk, sunlight, sweets, tavener, tea, the coen brothers, the simpsons, toast, tolstoy, tom and jerry, tony hancock, tove jansson, travel, trees, truth, tuberculosis, ultra bra, useless information, wasting time, werner herzog
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